Ally Initiative Application Form

The Ally Initiative of ENSEMBLE’s Creating Safe Spaces program was implemented to help LGBTQ youth identify people that are supportive and inclusive. By using this card, it becomes easier for youth to identify places where they feel safe and where they can talk to someone that celebrates diversity.

An ally can be anyone who works with youth or who encounters youth in their lives. They could be parents, school personnel, social workers, nurses, etc. Their role can be to support and to advocate for youth, to organize or support awareness activities, to intervene when witnessing homophobic, transphobic, biphobic or heterosexist behaviors and providing a safe environment.

To apply to be an ally in the Ally Initiative, please complete this questionnaire and return to ENSEMBLE through fax or email. A criminal background check is required for all authorized allies. Once a completed application is processed, you will be asked to participate in an Ally training supported by the program. However, if you have already attended ENSEMBLE’s LGBTQ Sensitivity workshop, more training may not be required.
Upon completion, you will receive an ALLY card and kit and your name will be added to the Ally list of the region.

If you require more information, please contact our Safe Spaces Coordinator Catherine Delage at (506)859-9616 or by email at